THA Paper Prof. Matziolis

An Isoelastic Monoblock Cup Retains More Acetabular and Femoral Bone Than a Modular Press-Fit Cup – A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial

Brodt, S., Jacob, B., Nowack, D., Zippelius, T., Strube, P., Matziolis, G.
The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (2021).

Sagittal Balance Abstract Dr. Franke

Can artificial intelligence support or even replace physicians in measuring the sagittal balance? – a validation study on preoperative and postoperative images of 170 patients

Grover, P., Siebenwirth, J., Caspari, C., Dreischarf, M., Putzier, M., Franke, J.
European Spine Journal (2020).

Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Vitamin E-blended highly cross-linked polyethylene liners in total hip arthroplasty: a randomized, multicenter trial using virtual CAD-based wear analysis at 5-year follow-up

Busch, A., Jäger, M., Klebingat, S., Baghdadi, J., Flörkemeier, T., Hütter, F., Grupp, T. M., VITAS-Group, Haversath, M.
Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery (2020).

Korez et al. 2020

A deep learning tool for fully automated measurements of sagittal spinopelvic balance from X-ray images: performance evaluation

Korez, R., Putzier, M., Vrtovec, T.
European Spine Journal (2020).


Dr. Berven presenting outcome data from Innovasis' HA PEEK Registry

In a webinar held on 28 April 2020, Dr. Sigurd H. Berven, an orthopedic surgeon practicing at UCSF Health, presented outcome data from the Innovasis HA PEEK Registry, a multicenter, observational, quality-assessment repository. For the registry, the UNITY platform is used to collect patient outcomes and fusion data. RAYLYTIC further provided the highly precise image as well as the statistical analysis for the data shown in the presentation.
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clinical outcome_PROM_randomized trial

Vitamin E-blended versus conventional polyethylene liners in prostheses. Prospective, randomized trial with 3-year follow-up

Busch, A., Jäger, M., VITAS group, Wegner, A., Haversath, M.
Der Orthopäde (2019).

Functional and radiographic evaluation of an interspinous device as an adjunct for lumbar interbody fusion procedures

Spicher, A., Schmoelz, W., Schmid, R., Stofferin, H., Craig, N.
Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik (2019).

The Spine Journal

A prospective, international, randomized, non-inferiority study comparing an implantable titanium vertebral augmentation device versus balloon kyphoplasty in the reduction of vertebral compression fractures (SAKOS study)

Noriega, D., Marcia, S., Theumann, N., Blondel, B., Simon, A., Hassel, F., Maestretti, G., Petit, A., Weidle, P. A., Mandly, A. G., Kaya, J-M., Touta, A., Fuentes, S., Pflugmacher, R.
The Spine Journal (2019).

Titanium nucleus changed kinematics cervical spine segment_Clinical Biomechanics

How does a novel knitted titanium nucleus prosthesis change the kinematics of a cervical spine segment? A biomechanical cadaveric study

Ziegler, P., Kaps, H.-P., Goerke, S., Tendulkar, G., Buck sen., A., Nuessler, A., Schmoelz, W.
Clinical Biomechanics (2019).

Dr Hohl Talking about Registry

Talk by Dr. Hohl on his first experience using the Innovasis Spine Registry

Dr. Justin Hohl, orthopaedic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah, uses Innovasis products, among others. Innovasis provides its users with the UNITY platform operated by RAYLYTIC free of charge to set up a product-related register database. The video is a short version of the original 12-minute presentation (held in February 2019) in which Dr. Hohl describes the use and first experiences with our platform.
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RayMatch total hip wear analysis (VITAS)

Wear analysis with virtual CAD-based X-ray images in endoprosthetics

(published in German: Abriebanalyse mit virtuellen CAD-basierten Röntgenaufnahmen in der Endoprothetik)
die VITAS-Gruppe, Haversath, M., Klebingat, S., Jäger, M.,
Der Orthopäde (2018).

This is the first publication referencing our highly accurate RayMatch technology.

TLIF Fusion Ti Coated PEEK vs. PEEK

Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion using polyetheretherketone oblique cages with and without a titanium coating: a randomised clinical pilot study

Rickert, M., Fleege, C., Tarhan, T., Schreiner, S., Makowski, M.R., Rauschmann, M., Arabmotlagh, M.
The Bone & Joint Journal (2017).

Publication Osteoporosis kyphoplasty  vertebral compression fractures FXA - Imaging Core Lab

Safety and clinical performance of kyphoplasty and SpineJack(®) procedures in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: a pilot, monocentric, investigator-initiated study

Noriega, D.C., Ramajo, R.H., Lite, I.S., Toribio, B., Corredera, R., Ardura, F., Krüger, A.
Osteoporosis International (2016).

Publication Measurements performed with FXA

Clinical Performance and Safety of 108 SpineJack Implantations: 1-Year Results of a Prospective Multicentre Single-Arm Registry Study

Noriega, D., Maestretti, G., Renaud, C., Francaviglia, N., Ould-Slimane, M., Queinnec, S., Ekkerlein, H., Hassel, F., Gumpert, R., Sabatier, P., Huet, H., Plasencia, M., Theumann, N., Kunsky, A., Krüger, A.
BioMed Research International (2015).

Publication Posterior Instrumentation for a Dynamic Stabilization FXA Imaging Core Lab

How Does Free Rod-Sliding Affect the Posterior Instrumentation for a Dynamic Stabilization Using a Bovine Calf Model?

Schulze, M., Hartensuer, R., Gehweiler, D., Vordemvenne, T., Raschke, M.J., Trautwein, F., Heuer, F.
Spine (2015).

ESB Award total disc replacement artificial disc FXA - Imaging Core Lab

ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award Winner 2013

Dreischarf, M., Rohlmann, A., Lauterborn, S., Schmidt, H., Putzier, M., Strube, P., Zander, T.
European Society of Biomechanics

in cooperation with FXA – Imaging Core Lab

How to place medical devices on the market

Master-Thesis: How to place human medical devices on the market?

An overview and critical examination of the regulatory requirements in Germany versus those in the United States.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Regulatory Affairs

total disc replacement lumbosacral junction clinical failure - FXA Imaging core lab

Parameters influencing the outcome after total disc replacement at the lumbosacral junction. Part 2: distraction and posterior translation lead to clinical failure after a mean follow-up of 5 years

Strube, P., Hoff, E.K., Schürings, M., Schmidt, H., Dreischarf, M., Rohlmann, A., Putzier, M.
European Spine Journal (2013).

misalignment vertebrae adjacent total disc replacement facet joint

Parameters influencing the outcome after total disc replacement at the lumbosacral junction. Part 1: misalignment of the vertebrae adjacent to a total disc replacement affects the facet joint and facet capsule forces in a probabilistic finite element analysis

Rohlmann, A., Lauterborn, S., Dreischarf, M., Schmidt, H., Putzier, M., Strube, P., Zander, T.
European Spine Journal (2013).

Publication flexion and extension of the lumbar - FXA

In vivo studies on flexion and extension of the lumbar spine after stabilisation with a non-fusion pedicle screw system

Klauß, J.R., Richter, M.J., Bergert, H., Braunschweig, R., Roehl, K.
Coluna/Columna (2012).

510(k) FXA - Imaging Core Lab

FXA - 510(k) Premarket Notification

510(k) Premarket Notification.

Publication Posterior Instrumentation for a Dynamic Stabilization FXA Imaging Core Lab

A method to perform spinal motion analysis from functional X-ray images

Schulze, M., Trautwein, F., Vordemvenne, T., Raschke, M., Heuer, F.
Journal of Biomechanics (2011).

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