As a growing company, new opportunities are opening up for us every day. In addition to fast personal growth, we offer talented and committed employees an environment that unites the best from different worlds:

  • A young team with “Startup-Spirit”, short decision-making processes and autonomous work
  • A professional working environment and structured processes that are indispensable for the development and marketing of medical software
  • The flexibility and employee orientation of a small company with 12 employees

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Open positions

The following positions are currently vacant. We use web-based software for our HR-related administration. You can apply online with just a few clicks:

The “perfect” job is not listed but you believe you would be a great fit for RAYLYTIC? Please send us your general application:

Your application

We use a web-based system to manage your documents. The system guides you through the application process in two steps.

If you have a detailed LinkedIn profile, you may use this option. Otherwise, please select the “Upload CV” or “manual” option.

As soon as we have received your application, you will be notified by us. The e-mail will contain a link, which will inform you about the current status of your application.

If we have any questions after the first inspection, we will contact you. Within the following 10 business days, your application will be evaluated with the involvement of the specialist department and you will receive an appointment request for a telephone or personal interview or, if we cannot offer you a suitable position at this time, the respective information.

Our application management system partner has committed to comply with the strict regulations in accordance with general EU data protection regulations. Your details and documents will be treated strictly confidential.


Your primary contact person is Mr. Frank Trautwein, you can reach him via the contact details in the “Declarations & Terms of Use” section.

Some guidelines recommend an advance telephone call, asking “whether the position is still available” or a short “small talk” for a positive evaluation of the application. Of course, personal factors also play an important role for us. Without your application, however, we cannot assign notes to your application and therefore cannot consider them in the review process.

Our recommendation: Feel free to contact us by phone or email AFTER you have carefully read the job description and sent your application – but only if you have specific questions, comments or corrections.

In our offices in Germany, the daily colloquial language is German, whereby most of our documents are in English. Company-wide meetings and telcos are mostly in the English language. Depending on your position, you should be fluent in at least English or German. Understanding English documents is mandatory.

Some of our job descriptions are only available in one language or are automatically translated by our application management system. Please answer them according to your preference either in German or English. Thank you very much!