Image Analysis Tools
for Research, Clinical & PMCF Studies
Our web-based platform automates clinical trials through computerized image analysis
and management tools for screening, planning, monitoring and reporting.
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Clinical Trials
Database Design, Analysis and Biostatistics:
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What we do

We are passionate about facilitating medical and scientific data of the utmost quality by providing integrated and customized software solutions for data collection, image analysis, and workflow automation.

Raylytic has roots in the medical industry that reach back almost two decades. Our team consists of scientists and engineers with over 40 years combined experience in R&D, biomechanics, clinical studies, software development, quality assurance and medical imaging.

clinical trial management

Efficient management of clinical trials

Minimize your expenses for the management of clinical trials significantly. Our web-based platform allows the efficient planning of studies via drag and drop, the evaluation of the study progress by real-time dashboards and the statistical analysis of the results.

Image Analysis Icon

Independent medical image analysis

Guarantee consistent and science-based data for successful clinical trials with the highest quality and reputation. We combine artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze medical images with the highest accuracy and precision.


Electronic patient-reported outcome collection

Avoid inefficient paper-based collection of patient outcomes and reduce the workload of your staff. Our browser and tablet-based solutions allow capturing patient self-reported outcomes of validated instruments, self-designed questionnaires and case report forms within clinic or home.