Automated capture of clinical data and PROMs, including AI image data analysis

Digital capture and analysis of patient data


Augment quality of care indicators with data-based integration of the patient perspective. PROMs capture the quality of care from the patient’s point of view. In doing so, the individual’s subjective perception of his or her state of health is recorded on the basis of valid indication-related questionnaires, objectified and made comparable. Thus, PROMs can be used in quality assurance especially.

UNITY OUTCOME enables the automated capture and analysis of PROMs, PREMs and clinical data in one system. This reduces costs, saves time and ensures a valid basis for making decisions.

UNITY PROMs is part of UNITY OUTCOME, a registered Class 1 medical product in the EU.


Customizable predefined questionnaires and easy implementation of individual questionnaires


Extensive library of patient questionnaires


Convenient and user-friendly interface for data entry

Reminder function

Automated and personalized email notifications to patients/study participants

Alarm function

Configurable automated alarm function for specific responses or unexpected deviations (risk-based monitoring)

Doctors benefit from structured patient data

With UNITY OUTCOME, doctors can specifically document the treatment and care they have provided.

Structured patient data speed up the exchange of information within the hospital and enable evidence-based care for the optimization of diagnoses and therapy recommendations. At the same time, PROMs offer great potential for doctor–patient communication as well as patient engagement.

The doctor can obtain detailed information on the patient’s state of health at any time and can react quickly to changes.

Clinics benefit from a comprehensive data base

By using UNITY OUTCOME, clinics can increase trust in their facility and strengthen their reputation.

UNITY OUTCOME enables qualified reporting documentation of the quality of care, e.g., for external payers. Within the framework of benchmarking, clinics can also use the recorded data for a systematic comparison with other facilities.

Questionnaires from specialist bodies or medical management support compliance with diagnosis and treatment guidelines.

Intelligent solutions to optimize your daily hospital routine

UNITY OUTCOME including RayView

Automated, AI-supported analysis of radiographic images

The AI-supported analysis of radiographic image data is based on our RayView technology. This innovative software enhances clinical and patient-related data capture and evaluation with automated, AI-supported image data analysis (X-ray, CT and MRI).

RayView automates the placement of landmarks for measurement on radiographic images. Comparison phantoms can be used to carry out the measurement of bone density on QCT images. The animation of images at different points in time allows viewing of the dimensional changes over time and high-precision measurements of range of motion.

Includes all functionalities of UNITY PROMs


Optimal work through AI supported analysis of radiological image data

The AI supported analysis of radiological image data is based on our RayView technology. This innovative software enhances clinical and patient-related data capturing and evaluation with automated, AI supported image data analysis (X-ray, CT and MRI).

RayView automates the placement of landmarks for measuring X-ray images. Comparison phantoms can be used to carry out the measurement of bone density on QCT images. By animating images at different points in time, you can view dimensional changes over time and perform high-precision measurements of range of motion (RoM).

Automatically analyze radiographic findings data

Process optimization with UNITY OUTCOME


Have radiological images analyzed in seconds. Individual or automatic setting of landmarks.

High-precision analysis of image data

Sagittal balance, loss of correction and wear of the prosthesis. Reliable analysis of over 150 radiological parameters available.

Range of Motion

We offer other measurements, such as the RoM, with a precision 15 times higher than that of experienced radiologists and surgeons for clinical studies.


Powerful reports for a quick overview.


Data integration between UNITY OUTCOME and the hospital system (HIS / PACS) based on FHIR HL7 v2, v3.

Data protection-compliant

Browser-based data anonymization and encrypted data transmission.

How RAYLYTIC customers profit from our solutions:

The UNITY platform is easy to use and the collection of PROMs/CRFs is robust in daily use. The automatic anonymization of the uploaded image data and their statistical analysis are also extremely helpful.


Chief Senior Physician at the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery/Charité Berlin

UNITY facilitates getting patient data and outcome measurements to a higher level. The system is easy to use, the image upload is smooth and complete data analysis is provided quickly and thoroughly, including discussions and advice for improvement.


Former VP of Research and Marketing at Emerging Implant Technologies

The RAYLYTIC team is extremely competent, diligent and fun to work with. They solve problems and offer support wherever it is needed to get a project up and running. We have already set up multiple studies with RAYLYTIC and are also cooperating on several other projects.


Director Medical Scientific Affairs at Aesculap/B. Braun

We have built databases for two retrospective studies including image analyses with RAYLYTIC. They helped with designing the eCRF, implemented and trained us on how to navigate the database, provided necessary documents and went above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. Working with RAYLYTIC is fantastic. The team is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable on how to run clinical retrospective studies.


Manager Clinical Data Management at RQMIS

RAYLYTIC has created a product that includes all the elements I need for my research, with the highest quality and integrity. In addition, the best part of this product is actually the customer service. I cannot stress enough how impeccable the entire team at RAYLYTIC is, which ultimately makes this product even better.


Senior Manager Clinical Studies at Virginia Spine Institute

We support you in the successful integration of UNITY into your clinic’s IT infrastructure