bionection 2022: RAYLYTIC to speak on AI-based data management in medicine

On Friday, May 13, RAYLYTIC presented its AI-powered software solutions on home soil in Leipzig at the bionection 2022, a networking conference facilitating the exchange of technology between science and industry.

"bionection meets AI"

Keeping with the event’s theme of “bionection meets AI”, RAYLYTIC Head of Sales & Marketing Robert Zander attended the event to present how its core product UNITY and its growing AIQNET platform are using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically structure clinical data.  

The conference was opened by the Head of the State Chancellery of Saxony Oliver Schenk. He praised the state’s degree of interconnectivity in the field of artificial intelligence. Expressing his concurrence with Schenk’s assessment, Zander emphasized how both public and private stakeholders in Saxony have demonstrated a vested interest in expanding AI applications in health and life sciences. Among the endeavors that gained attention at the conference was a plan set in motion by the University of Leipzig to establish an AI-powered data processing center, which will grant university employees the opportunity to put AI-research into practice.  

RAYLYTIC is proud to belong to the Leipzig-based community that is producing AI-powered solutions which impact the European healthcare sector as a whole.

What is AIQNET?

The power of AIQNET lies in its ability to connect stakeholders. On the one hand, medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from AIQNET’s advanced degree of interoperability between existing and emerging IT-systems, allowing them to rapidly collect, structure, and process routine care data to meet regulatory demands. Clinicians, on the other hand, can gain valuable clinical data through AIQNET that can serve to improve diagnostics and treatments plans. 

In the AIQNET digital ecosystem, industry and patient care coexist, so that patients, manufacturers, and clinicians experience better outcomes.  

Bionection networks industry stakeholders in Saxony

Like in years past, the aim of this year’s bionection event was to facilitate the exchange of technology for the purpose of driving innovation in life sciences. This year’s focus, however, was on AI as a solution for challenges hampering innovation in the industry.  

One of the most addressed challenges facing this goal is the need for large, structured sets of clinical data against the backdrop of a shortage in skilled labor. RAYLYTIC is working to close the gaps this increasingly evident shortage in IT and software development is causing. 

“bionection” is a networking conference sponsored by biosaxony, the State of Saxony’s association of the biotechnology and medical technology sector. Members of biosaxony come from all corners of the health technology industry, including researchers, IT-companies, and lobbyists, that are facilitating the flow of technology out of science and into practice.

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The rapidly changing regulatory landscape in the EU demands compelling technological solutions.
AIQNET, initiated by RAYLYTIC, is aimed at producing a digital ecosystem that simplifies regulatory approval procedures by providing medical device manufacturers with access to ethically and legally collected, highly structured clinical data.

Artificial Intelligence: Whitecloud Award nomination for IMAST abstract

The abstract “Novel AI-based algorithm for automated cervical sagittal balance analysis validated on pre- and postoperative X-rays of 129 patients” submitted to this year’s International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) was accepted and is nominated for the Whitecloud Award. The work presents an AI-based algorithm for the automated assessment of cervical sagittal balance parameters, demonstrating excellent reliability and accuracy.



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