Clinical trial management

for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies

Simplify your clinical study management

UNITY Research

UNITY Research is a clinical trial management system that optimizes and automates the work processes involved in collecting and analyzing data. The cloud-based software provides medical technology and pharmaceutical companies with legally compliant and interoperable data access without the need for additional IT resources.

With UNITY Research, clinical and postmarket (PMS/PMCF) studies can be implemented, managed efficiently and evaluated using high-performance analysis and control tools.

The generated clinical data is high-quality and accelerates the introduction of products to the market.

UNITY Research optimizes your study management:

Easy to use

Clinical studies can be set up using the drag and drop function. The layout is responsive and optimized for all devices.

Intuitive operation

With standardized statistics, predefined reports and a filter function for an overview of existing and missing data.