Open Positions

The following positions are currently vacant. We use web-based software for our HR-related administration. You can apply online with just a few clicks:

Clinical Image Analysis with FXA - Imaging Core Lab (Spine, Knee, Hip)

Unsolicited Applications

Should the position that perfectly suits you not be vacant at the moment: We value and reward entrepreneurial people who want to contribute to their own and the company's growth and have a high degree of self-motivation and talent in one of the following areas:
* Software development based on web technologies such as PHP, JavaScript and MySQL
* Software development in the field of medical image processing, storage and communication based on the standards DICOM and HL7
* Software development in the area of artificial intelligence for image analysis based on OpenCL, CUDA and Python with the frameworks Keras, TensorFlow and other neural networks.

Internships or theses

We offer temporary internships, bachelor's, master's or doctoral theses in all of the above mentioned areas. If you are interested, please send us an email with a lead time of approx. 3 months and include
* your current grade chart,
* a summary of relevant previous work,
* a link to your GitHub archive or a digital application portfolio
* your area of interest
* the desired start date and duration requirements
Please send to info [at]