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Empower your staff

through the digitization, automation and standardization of routine processes in anamnesis, patient-reported outcomes (PROMs and CRFs) and radiographic analysis.

Deepen your clinical knowledge

through high-quality and meaningful data and its automated analysis with the help of state-of-the-art computer algorithms based on AI.

Reduce costs

through a significant rationalization of processes and a simplified and standardized implementation of diagnostic and treatment guidelines of professional societies and internal specifications.

Empower your staff

Improve the quality of care at your facility

through precise documentation, efficient execution, real-time visualization and statistical analysis of patient outcomes, e.g., through self-defined or validated multilingual questionnaires (e.g., ODI, NDI, VAS and EQ-5D).

Gain trust & reputation

through a visible commitment to evidence-based medicine, increased transparency and proven quality of care.


UNITY automates and streamlines numerous routine tasks in everyday hospital life and integrates seamlessly into clinical processes. The resources saved can be invested in improving quality of care and in spending more time with your patients.