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Partner & Managing Director:
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Thilo Trautwein

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04109 Leipzig, Germany
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Leipzig, HRB 34218
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Objection to advertising mails, advertising calls as well as e-mails or calls from recruitment agencies

The use of the company’s or employees’ contact data published due to the provider declaration obligation, as published on social networks or by obtaining them from third parties

  • for contacting us by phone or including us in mass-emailings with the intend to inform about, advertise or sell your products or service offerings
  • for lending or obtaining permission to lend goods of any kind
  • to obtain intelligence about our business or employees by recruitment agencies during office hours or by utilizing business-related contact information

is hereby expressly objected to.

We tolerate the sending of highly specialized product or service offers exclusively by EMAIL to the above address. In addition to the exact specification, your product information must contain concrete price information in order to be reviewed by us. If we are interested, WE will contact you. Enquiries regarding receipt or interest, in particular by telephone, are expressly not tolerated.

The operator of these pages reserves the right to take legal action, including the immediate forwarding of unsolicited messages, without notice, to the Federal Network Agency and blacklisting senders of spam mass mailings, as well as the demand for damages or the cost-intensive warning notice in the event of non-compliance with this objection and applicable laws of the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany (Art. 13 of Directive 2002/58/EC; § 7, § 8, § 20 UWG; § 823, § 1004 BGB).

Product types and services which are listed in consumer or price comparison portals, that concern the placement of advertisements, the selling of contact lists, or which concern the recruitment of employees, are considered not highly specialized for this purpose and therefore fall under this objection.

General Terms and Conditions

You will receive our general terms and conditions in parallel with our offers. Upon request, we will be happy to make them available to you in advance.

Finance Partners and Government Grants

We research and develop methods for obtaining information from clinical image data. This information must be objective, reliable and, if possible, automatically extractable. This is the only way to reliably assess the healing process or the implant function and to achieve an evidence-based improvement in treatment methods.

The methods used come mainly from the areas of computer vision, artificial intelligence and big data. We are supported in the development of these procedures by the ESF and EU ERDF funds.


Current funding projects

with the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Project description: “Research into methods for the first exact, objective and fully automatic analysis of radiographic spine images”
Project period: 15 August 2017–14 August 2020
Implementation period: 15 August 2017–14 November 2020

Although radiologic evaluation is fundamental for the entire treatment spectrum of patients with back pain, radiologic analysis techniques for the exact quantification and evaluation of the complex anatomy and function of the spinal column have only been developed rudimentarily. For evidence-based diagnosis and treatment and as an essential contribution to clinical research, however, precise analytical methods are urgently needed. The aim of this project is to explore methods for a patient-friendly, automated analysis of radiographic image data, which leads to an exact and objective determination and visualization of clinically highly relevant parameters in all anatomical levels. The medium term goal of this research project is a medical software platform that can be integrated into everyday clinical practice and automatically allows the physician to perform a comprehensive functional and morphological characterization of the patient using standard radiographs. In the future, the results could be related to values of patients with a comparable diagnosis and the data of their treatment course, thus, for the first time, enabling evidence-based diagnosis and treatment course prognosis. The methods to be researched are also to be transferred to other clinical problem areas in the future.

This project is funded by the EFRE and the State of Saxony-Anhalt.