image data
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  • automatic measurement of functional assessment and of dimensional changes over time
  • superior precision: ROM measurements are 15 times more accurate than manual measurements by experienced physicians
  • integrated and browser-based data anonymization and transfer
  • image selection and assignment to patient ID
  • QCT-based bone density measurement
  • measurement of angles and distances, with marking and other annotation
  • 510(k) FDA clearance and CE certification for clinical use

  • proven image processing algorithms based on artificial intelligence for the automated:
    - analysis of morphological and geometric parameters (e.g. disk height)
    - assessment of fusion and loss of correction
    - identification of sagittal balance
    - analysis of prosthetic wear (fully automated via RayMatch with µm accuracy)
  • Docker-based integration of third-party algorithms for research and studies in the field of medical image analysis
  • in use and proven for registries, post-market surveillance and PMCF studies since 2011

Improve the quality of care at your facility and deepen your clinical insights through high-quality and meaningful data and its automated analysis.