Clinical Trial
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Easy study definition

  • study definition via drag & drop:
    - examination periods and tolerances
    - modalities (CT, MRI, radiograph)
    - endpoint selection: over 100 predefined radiographic parameters currently available, with possibility of integrating customer-specific parameters
    - consideration of distinctive spinal features: several index segments, adjacent segments, lumbarization and sacralization
  • trial-specific creation of radiography protocols, recording instructions and data exchange protocols

Integrated quality assurance

  • GDPR-compliant automatic data anonymization prior to transfer and storage
  • integrated network of experienced radiologists and orthopedic surgeons for objective analysis of qualitative endpoints, e.g., of adverse events or side effects
  • transmission of image data and analysis results via browser or data carrier (background data transfer currently under development)
  • integrated quality assurance for assessment and documentation of image quality

Intuitive dashboards

  • overview of existing and missing data (sort and filter functions)
  • configurable, automated email notifications and status reports to clinics, sponsors, monitors and CROs
  • intuitive dashboards for study management, hospital staff, monitors, sponsors and patients
  • sort and filter functions for ad hoc data queries
  • extensive data analysis functions
  • audit log with fully traceable change history according to GxP

Plan, monitor and analyze clinical trials or postmarket monitoring studies with UNITY and involve all stakeholders via the same platform.