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The various AI-based modules for image analysis integrated in UNITY enable an objective, reliable and highly precise analysis of radiographic parameters for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the value proposition of implants.

Owing to the superior precision, meaningful conclusions can be drawn even from smaller patient cohorts, thereby significantly reducing study related costs.

We offer automated assessment of a wide range of morphological and geometric parameters, such as:

  • disc height
  • sagittal balance
  • fusion
  • loss of correction
  • center of rotation
  • implant migration/subsidence
  • AP instability
  • prosthetic wear (with µm accuracy)
  • range of motion (15 times more accurate compared to manual measurements by experienced physicians)


Selected features of UNITY’s image analysis module:

  • integrated, browser-based data anonymization and transfer
  • automated image selection and assignment to patient ID
  • measurement of angles and distances, with marking and other annotation
  • QCT-based bone density measurement
  • over 150 radiographic parameters predefined in the system
  • integrated network of experienced radiologists and orthopedic surgeons
  • Docker-based integration of third-party algorithms
  • 510(k) FDA clearance and CE certification for clinical use
  • in use and proven for registries, post-market surveillance and PMCF studies since 2011

Improve the quality of care at your facility and deepen your clinical insights through high-quality and meaningful data and its automated analysis.