EU Startup Magazine features RAYLYTIC as a key player in AI in healthcare

RAYLYTIC's innovations in Artificial Intelligence for the healthcare space reached main feature status in EU Startup News magazine.

RAYLYTIC's role in bringing artificial intelligence to healthcare

The recent surge in artificial intelligence is expected to bring major changes to healthcare. From diagnostics to big data analyses, AI is ushering in the next generation of precision medicine. 

EU Startup News, a media outlet featuring innovative European startups, has deemed RAYLYTIC a key player in this transformation in their October 18 article “Is Automated Medical Image Analysis Revolutionising Healthcare and Clinical Trials?” In short, the article answers this question with a resounding yes. It sheds light on how the RAYLYTIC’s approach to combining medical image analysis and high-quality extraction of additional clinical data streamlines the data collection process for healthcare stakeholders like patients, hospitals, and medical technology developers. 

The UNITY platform, RAYLYTIC’s flagship product, is where these innovations converge. By streamlining the setup and conduct of clinical data collection tasks, the article explains, UNITY “provides a solid foundation for evidence-based medicine and the validation of product claims with proven, traceable scientific substantiation.” 

Key takeaways from the article include: 

  • RAYLYTIC is a German startup making strides in automated medical image analysis and clinical data extraction.
  • The company has developed UNITY, a fully integrated software platform used for setup and conduct of clinical data collection tasks.
  • RAYLYTIC’s UNITY platform uses industrial and medical image processing and sophisticated machine learning algorithms.
  • RAYLYTIC’s work could significantly impact how clinical trials are conducted, heralding a new era of evidence-based medicine

We would like to extend our gratitude to EU Startup News for the impeccably written article and the special feature of our technology and vision for the future of healthcare.

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