Fighting COVID-19
with a digital weapon: UNITY!

What we learned so far

In fighting the Corona virus disease, China, South Korea, Germany, Italy and literally any country show us:

  1. test as much as possible
  2. isolate infected from healthy patients, including medical staff
  3. monitor patients, movement data and effectiveness of measures

Time is critical, as is dependable information.

Information about influencing factors, such as pre-existing illnesses, medication, ambient temperature, symptoms such as loss of taste or the effectiveness of various measures, is unfortunately, delayed. UNITY can reduce this time delay!


Test, isolate and monitor the smart way

With UNITY, we have developed a web-based platform that assists with all three aspects by software-based robotic process automation.

Within minutes, health authorities can combine centralized, nation-wide defined processes, like structured anamnesis questionnaires, with local guidence, defined by each practice or hospital.
Depending on the anamnesis result, a patient may be instructed to see a doctor, stay at home and remain isolated, go to a test facility, or whatever else a score or predefined condition may require.

Robotic Process Automation

Protect your medical staff

By automating anamnesis so patients can perform it from home, medical staff is relieved from administrative routine work. Moreover, best practices guidelines are applied nationwide, immediately.

The risk of spreading the disease to medical practitioners, who then unknowingly act as “super spreaders”, is effectively eliminated.

UNITY and any questionnaires can be localized in over 15 languages, further reducing the need for human translators and thus the risk of infections.

Please Stay Home

Monitor patients, treatments and effectiveness

UNITY would not be the technologically leading medical research platform if we would stop here.

With UNITY, you can
  • remotely monitor the health condition of patients through self-assessments
  • remind patients to report their condition
  • receive alerts in case a patients’ condition needs attendance or if a patient is not responding (after automatically sent reminders)
  • triage patients in the emergency department or in remote locations
  • collect real-world data on the effect of environmental, pharmacological or behavioral changes or treatments
  • combine patient reported data with lab and medical image data
  • request patient location information

Big Data Analysis

Data quality and reliability

Once set up, which is a matter of a few days, the system performs all of these functions fully automatically.

For clinical research, UNITY provides functionality you expect from a state-of-the-art clinical trials management and EDC system, e.g. remote monitoring, upload of documents, statistical real-time data analysis, dashboards and overviews, structured raw data access, etc.

UNITY is reliable with over four years of experience in clinical use, is developed under the specifications for medical devices (ISO 13485 and 21 CFR Part 11) and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

ISO 13485 EN

Ready within days

The technical requirements very are simple:
  1. internet connection (mobile, WiFi or wired)
  2. web browser (any hardware, any operating system, Chrome, Firefox or Safari recommended)

Being a centralized web application, any configuration change is immediately available. There is no software or app to download, install and update. All stakeholders and patients access the platform through a webbrowser.

Depending on the scale of deployment, time to full operation ranges from one day (for a few facilities) to two to three weeks (for a nationwide deployment).

Implementation Timeline

Real-time test for COVID-19

On 13 February 2020, the addition of CT lung imaging as a diagnostic tool led to a significant increase in detected COVID-19 infections in Hubei, China.

CT may be the tool of choice for clarifying certain cases of acute pneumonia, as the result is immediately available and provides information on the extent of the infection. Thus, the most appropriate treatment decision for the respective condition can be made immediately and not after several days of waiting for a RT-PCR test result.

By a renewed imaging admission, the progress (improvement/deterioration) can be automated and objectively analyzed – manually or with the help of AI algorithms – and thus be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiated treatment. The necessary technical infrastructure for this is already available in UNITY and can be used independently of the CT device manufacturer.

COVID-19 Chest CT Scan