Dr. Peter Obid wins AO Spine 2021 Research Start-up Grant in cooperation with RAYLYTIC

With the goal of developing AI-driven analysis of coronal parameters in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, Dr. Peter Obid, together with RAYLYTIC, was awarded the AO Spine 2021 Research Start-up Grant.

RAYLYTIC’s commitment to the advancement of AI-supported analysis of medical imaging data was again recognized in the international scientific community with the conferment of the AO 2021 Spine Research Start-up Grant. The grant is awarded to young scientists that are driving innovation in the field of spinal research.  

We are proud to announce this achievement as part of our ongoing efforts to improve patient care with evidence-based and automated solutions. 

Novel AI-algorithms for treating idiopathic scoliosis honored with AO Spine Research Start-Up Grant

Dr. Peter Obid, at the time chief resident of orthopedic and spinal surgery at Greifswald University Hospital and now head of spinal surgery at Freiburg University Clinic, cooperated with RAYLYTIC’s Research & Development department to initiate the development of novel AI-algorithms for automatically measuring radiographic spinal parameters in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. 

The goal of the project was to develop algorithms that measure the following coronal parameters with objectivity and precision: Cobb angles of major and minor curves, apex of curves, shoulder balance, T1 tilt, coronal balance, and lumbar modifier.

Automated Assessment of Cervical Sagittal Balance Paramaters for AO Spine Award

AI-Applications in spinal surgery

RAYLYTIC is an industry pioneer in AI-powered applications in orthopedics. AI-algorithms have the potential to improve the speed, reliability, and objectivity of various processes related to the treatment of complex spinal disorders. We are here to meet the increasing demand for objective, and precise analysis of radiographic parameters of the spine. 

The development of these algorithms will be an addition to RAYLYTIC’s growing repertoire of highly precise AI-applications. Before participating in this project, the software developer had already created verified algorithms to analyze parameters associated with sagittal balance. Coronal parameters represent a diversification of the company’s analytical capacities into the field of scoliosis research. 

Spinal balance and coronal parameters are integral to surgical correction of structural deformities of the spine. However, current manual measurement procedures often suffer from being time-consuming and imprecise. Subjective placement of anatomical landmarks can skew measurements, while compiling data from disparate sources, like routine care, research, and large registry databases, for big data analysis is associated with significant temporal and financial investment.

What is the AO Spine Research Start-up Grant?

The AO Spine Research Start-up Grant supports young clinicians and scientists in spinal research. It partners researchers with start-ups to drive innovation in the field. The grant is sponsored by AO Spine, a clinical division of the AO Foundation. The AO Foundation is a notfor-profit organization and global network of surgeons. It also serves as one of the foremost organizations in the education, innovation, and research of the surgical treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.  

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